Tuesday, September 25, 2007

16 Month Update

Yes, Taylor Joy is past her 16 months and I haven't really done a big update in awhile so here goes.

Taylor Joy is SO full of FUN and ACTIVITY...She's just got to be the most active little girl there ever was.

Her favorite things are going outside to play (especially with Annie "Innie" our neighbor), crackers (which she lets me know every few minutes when she's hungry), stickers "stisters" and, randomly, the vacuum "apu". She thinks it's the greatest. Go figure. These are words that get said most often in our house. And when she wants them, they get said OVER and OVER and OVER again.

She is working on 3 new teeth right now, which will make 11 total. She's a real trooper when it comes to teething.

She has transitioned to her big girl bed (which is actually about 6 inches off the ground...) and she LOVES it! Anytime she sees it she runs and jumps on it and just laughs and bounces around. She thinks its the greatest. She has actually transitioned really well and we are down to ONE nap! Doesn't leave much time for my "alone time", which is often a nap because she and her brother are wearing me out, but it helps me to schedule our day better. Plus, I am learning that no time is my time. I don't even look forward to it anymore because as soon as I do, something comes up. I'd just rather not be disappointed.

Taylor Joy has a personality ALL her own...well, that's not really accurate, I think MUCH of her comedy is a result of Allen. This is her famous scrunchie face. I honestly have no idea where it originated...it just started happening one day and now we ask her to do because its so funny!

Here are some other funny things she has been doing:

-at HOPE group when the group starts laughing, it's like she pauses a minute to watch everyone laugh and then when its dying down she lets out this big fake, "HA HA HA!" It's pretty hilarious.

-she has been loving kisses lately and wants to kiss EVERYTHING. She wakes up in the morning and as soon as she notices the fan she says, "FAN!" to which I reply, "Yes, there's the fan." She then proceeds to say, "Hi, fan!" and make pucker noises like she wants to kiss it. I go ahead and take that opportunity to help myself to some. Today we watched a Baby Einstein video and every couple of minutes (in between dancing) she would run up to the TV and try to give it a kiss. And the cutest thing is when we are driving in the car I will just hear these random smoochy noises and look back. That little pumpkin is back there blowing me kisses! Ahhh... my heart just melts.

-putting Taylor Joy to bed is hands down my favorite part of the day. Bathtime is always a great time of splashing in the tub and then we allow some time for air drying, which is basically Taylor running around the room naked and getting some energy out. After getting jammies on we read a bible story and can I just tell you that this child LOVES her Bible! She is always asking for it. I just love that. We lay her in her bed, tuck her in and pray, which she usually initiates by saying "pay" and holding out her hand. We hold hands while we pray and most often she either kisses my hand or attempts to kiss my mouth DURING the prayer. Now, this is very distracting, but oh-so-cute. She then says sweet things like, "nigh, nigh" and "wub u" and I leave the room almost crying because it's so precious and I don't want to leave her.

I'm always thinking that this stage in her life is better than the last and I definitely think that now. I *want* to say that this is the cutest stage ever, but I realize that she still has a lot of stages to go!


  1. Brittney10:02 AM

    She seriously is the most trendy, best dressed child I know. I guess we better get used to the fact that she dresses better than us:)

    Tell her Aunt B is coming to see her tomorrow.. yay!!

  2. You know the reason for that right, B? Ever since Taylor was born Mom stopped buying us stuff and started buying Taylor cute clothes instead! Oh well, no one's looking at me when she's around anyway!

  3. She is ADORABLE! She looks like such a grown up in that black outfit with the leggings!

  4. Misti Floyd3:57 PM

    aww those pics are too cute I love the black and white outfit she has on! It's fun reading about the stuff she is doing. Her and Rylz are going to have fun together :) See ya soon. Miss you and Love ya'll!!!


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