Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chelsea's "Minute to Win it" Party

Sweet Chelsea had her 26th birthday last week and hinted at her desire to have a party like this. I had never seen Minute to Win it, but I went and checked out the videos on their website and I couldn't wait for the party! Check out our version of the game show:

First, the teams:

(Bob, your eyes are closed...)

(aka Hot Wives Club)

Sugar Turds

Now, onto the Games! Each game is to be done in 60 seconds or less.

 First up, the Breakfast Scramble:

Assemble the front of a cereal box that has been cut into 16 even pieces.

Next, Penny Hose:

Begin with panty hose on your wrists, retrieve penny for the end of pantyhose without hands or forearms coming into contact with any other body part. If penny touches the ground, the game is over. 

Bite Me:

Pick up 5 paper bags of varying heights using only the mouth and placing them on table. No part of body, except feet may touch the ground.

Bucket Head:

Catch 3 tennis balls in bucket on top of head. One partner bounces it from the ground to the wall, and the other catches the balls in the bucket. Sound easy? Not so much. Our ball kept bouncing OUT of the bucket!

Egg Dance:

Balance 2 raw eggs on 2 separate serving trays (held upside down) and transport them to a final destination without dropping. Any dropped eggs result in game over.

Face the Cookie:

Using only the face, move cookies from forehead to mouth. If cookie gets to the mouth, you must eat it in order to receive another cookie. Receive one point for each cookie.

Ready Spaghetti:

Using a shared spaghetti noodle and no hands, pick up soda cans and move to another table. One point per can moved.

We also did Junk in the Trunk:

Wiggle a box that is attached to your waist filled with ping pong balls until the box is empty. No hands allowed. 

But alas, I needed a video camera to capture this. All the pictures came out blurry. It truly was a sight to behold. 

And the winners were: THE ULTIMATES!!! They proved their "ultimate" status, with the Sugar Turds barely trailing. Good job everyone!

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  1. Oh my word, you all are some of the funnest people I know! Joe and I read it together and were cracking up! So glad you had fun; wish we could have celebrate with you all.

  2. Chris and I lead a couples small group and we're TOTALLY going to copy this idea :) Love it!


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