Monday, January 31, 2011

The Amazingly Interchangeable Wreath

I have been loving this wreath! Main reason? I haven't had to make a new one for each season! Woo hoo! Can I get an amen for doing this thang once and for all?

Seriously, here is how I made it.

And since I first made the Halloween one, I have made a Fall one, a Christmas one, and my newest, a Valentine's one. Check them out:

I took these last 3 with my ipod touch and they ended up blurry/weird lighting...

It takes me hardly any time to make the fabric flowers (there are so many variations!), and I will only have to do that this year. I have been saving them with our seasonal boxes in the attic and can just attach them next year when it's time.

If you end up making one, enjoy the simplicity of it!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week of Blessings

Sometimes I look at our week of events and I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed, the last thing I feel is thankfulness. It doesn't help that I forget what we are doing until 30 minutes before we are supposed to do it, Allen reminding me and then me feeling frustrated because it wasn't in my mental schedule or plan. So...I am removing complaints, ungratefulness and unpreparedness by making a cute reminder board. Check it out:

I have seen this one where she lists things that she is thankful for. Love it!

My friend, Chelsea, made this one very similarly with her weekly menu.

All brilliant ideas and fun to make too!

Here were my steps:

1. Buy a super-cheap (40%) frame at Hobby Lobby. I think mine was $2.50. Also pickup some burlap, fabric to match decor and epoxy brads (scrapbooking aisle). Pick up some coordinating acrylic paint while you are there, too.

2. Paint and distress.

3. Write your words with a dry-erase marker on the right side, flip over and paint backwards. If you aren't very good with a paintbrush, you can try paint pens or just go with stickers on the right side, like one of the above examples. The advantage to having it on the wrong side of the glass is that you won't have to worry about writing on it or wiping it when it's all said and done.

4. Cut two pieces of burlap the size of your frame to stick behind the glass. Two layers will make it less see-through. Close up the frame.

5. Embellish as you wish. I made some fabric flowers and simple layered flowers, like these, but you could buy embellishments or decorate it as your heart pleases.

Since creating this, I have been forced to remember that each day, each activity, each commitment is a blessing from God! Truly, it is! This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here's another round of Dutyisms. Enjoy!

Taylor Joyisms:

"Easy man just wanted up on the windshield, so I let him." (window sill)

"This heart (on her shirt)reminds me of my real heart inside of me. You'd have to crack me open to see it."

(after bumping into Beckett with a chair she was carrying) "Oh, I'm sorry, Buddy! You need to watch where I'm going."

(watching me make the bed) "Mommy! You are making the bed? I didn't know girls could make beds!" (this is very telling, I know. This is a much bigger deal to Allen than it is to me.)


"Be end." (at the end of a story)

A conversation between the kids went like this,
B: "Tay-wer, do you member? James and the big pear?"
t: (cracking up) "Buddy! It's James and the Giant Peach!" (which by the way, do NOT watch with little ones. Scary!)

Another convo,
T: (about Beckett, 1st two words slurred together) "And-he's drinking it!"
B: "NO! I'm NOT Andy! I'm Beckett!"

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