Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Wreath

My friend and I made these wreaths based on a few tutorials we thought were cute:

Boo Wreath
Ruffle Wreath

Ours is a combo of the two. We liked the ruffle, but also like the idea of making it holiday-specific. My goal is to make it interchangeable. So after Halloween, I have some fall fabric that I will make flowers with and attach. At Christmas I can attach some berries and Christmas flowers and make this a year-round wreath! That is super exciting to me!

We followed the directions on the Ruffle Wreath tutorial except we didn't hot glue the front ruffle, we stitched it on with a loose stitch. The hot glue wasn't working so well and with it being burlap, we decided to stitch so that our fingers didn't burn off. Burlap and high temp hot glue should not go together. Not a good combo.

And we modge-podged the scrapbook paper to the BOO letters and I simply pinned the bows into the wreath. I cut a long scrap of fabric to hang it from. Voila! I will update with the Fall Wreath when I switch it over...hopefully every season! This is a very easy, practical way to spruce up your home during the different seasons! Love it!

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  1. I would want to be "boo-ed" with one of these...and, I want to be that friend who crafts with you :)


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