Thursday, August 27, 2009

Look at Me!

I'm one month old.

How incredibly cute am I?

I am sweet, cuddly and I love to sleep.

I can sleep anywhere, in any position with anyone holding me.

I can sleep through any noise, thanks to brother and sister, who run around the house squealing, dropping things, even sometimes knocking on my door...

I must be a typical third child.

Mommy is happy for this fact.

Happy 1 month, Easton!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's a Time...

Realizing (again) and rejoicing in the blessings of motherhood...

There's a time for checking things off the to-do list
and there's a time for avoiding the composition of one

There's a time for delectable dinner preparation
and there's a time for leftovers

There's a time for spotless floors, toilets and tubs
and there's a time for letting the crumbs fall where they may

There's a time for frugal living
and there's a time for convenience

There's a time for washing hair
and there's a time for ponytails

There's a time for going places
and there's a time for staying in

There's a time for growing up
and there's a time for staying little...

Enjoying the "littleness" of my 3 littles (plus baby Eli...),


Tuesday, August 11, 2009



So different with three children, yet not so different.

Allen and I were reflecting the other night about the changes that have taken place over the past 2 weeks and rejoicing that this transition has been so seamless, so easy. We had the baby one day, were in the hospital the next, and then it was back to life as usual.

Sometimes I am playing with the kids and as I am stepping over the bouncy seat with the baby inside, think to myself, "oh yeah, there's one more..."

He sleeps often. Poops often. And loves to be cuddled. He's such a sweet baby.

Taylor Joy is absolutely in love with him. She loves to hold him, help change his diaper, go get diapers and burp rags for me when I need them and talks to the baby in such a sweet voice, saying, "He is SOOOOO cee-yute!" (Hmmm...wonder where that came from...)

Beckett has yet to notice that there is another person living in our house. Seriously. He is just too busy to slow down and take a second to see Easton. I have seen him stop, pat his head and say, "Aww, bebe" a few times. Other than that, I can't speak for what Beckett thinks of Easton, which is also a praise because there is certainly no jealousy to be spoken of at this point.

The kids have been playing so wonderfully together and I think that's what has eased this transition, as well. I realize that going places will probably be my biggest challenge, but for now, that is the last thing on my mind.

Well, that is the state of the union for the Duty family, since many have asked and wondered what things were like with our newest addition.

I have to remember to give praise to God, whom we prayed to with very specific requests throughout the pregnancy and especially the night before the baby was born, and He answered our prayers very specifically. He has always been so faithful to our family. I encourage you to listen to Allen's latest sermon about Genuine Remembrance and the Lord's great faithfulness to us.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Girl's Guide

Several weeks ago (maybe a month) I posted a link to the Guy's Guide for Marrying Well from Boundless Webzine and now they have come out with the Girl's Guide.

I haven't completely read through it yet, but here are some articles in there that would be helpful to many single ladies I know:

  • Not Your Buddy (an article about being intimate friends with a guy...Allen and I could give you some insight on this as it played out in our friendship/courtship if this is something you are dealing with)
  • When He's Not Asking (an article that delves into the girl/guy friendship when she's ready and he's non-commital)
  • What Happened to Courtships (a well-written article about how proper courtships were abandoned during the sexual revolution)
  • Other Probing Questions (great questions for dads with older/potentially courting daughters)
  • You Need a Network (an article for those without involved parents)

And I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes,

"Marriage is 98% living and 2% looking - so learn to value character over appearance"

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