Monday, June 07, 2010

Pine Cove

We returned from Pine Cove family camp this weekend. We spent a week there. I don't like to spend a week anywhere. I'm always ready to come home about the 5th or 6th day. I'm quite positive I could have spent longer at Crier Creek. I miss it already.

Having been a Pine Cove counselor, I know the heart of Pine Cove is the counselors. Being on the other side of the equation makes this stand out even more to me. Camp would not be what it is if not for the counselors. Crier Creek is just a fun place. Filled up with God-loving, Christ-centered counselors, it is a ministry.

I LOVED the counselors. I loved the way they blessed us by loving on our kids so we could invest in our marriage. I loved that they had no other agenda besides us. When we were late picking up our kids from activities, they didn't hand us our kids and rush out the door, they talked with us and wanted to us to know exactly where our children were a blessing or where they struggled. They asked lots of questions about our family and about what the Lord was teaching us. They were genuinely interested in our life.

These counselors were diligent about doing the little things: feeding Easton, tending to his needs, cutting up Taylor and Beckett's food, holding Beckett when he fell asleep everyday at lunch, staying with younger children while we did special things with the older kids, asking specifics for prayer for our short, blessing us immensely!

I am so thankful for the intentionality of our vacation. We spent intentional time with our kids, letting Pine Cove plan everything and we were just able to go have fun doing things like swimming in the lagoon and pool, doing the big slide and zip line, making jewelry with Taylor Joy, taking her on a guided nature walk, morning trail ride and breakfast with Allen, frisbee golf, paddleboating, picnic dinner for two date night, swing dancing, craft time with Taylor, and so much more.

We laughed together lots and spent a beautiful week with our family. I can't imagine that another vacation would measure up to this. I am so thankful to God for giving us this wonderful vacation.

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