Thursday, April 02, 2015

Minted Review

Everyone has their own pet peeves, but one of them on my list is the poorly executed kids' birthday party. I love it when a celebration can be a blessing to the guest of honor, and included in that (for kids) is structure. So, rarely will you come to one of my kids' parties without there being some sort of schedule. My husband has been a driving force to make me see why this is really the key to a well-executed birthday party. 

But often I get wrapped up in getting together the decor, food and invites, and scouring Pinterest for something I can print and finding matching items to go with it. I waste a LOT of time doing this. In browsing Minted, which I originally only associated with customized cards, I was elated to see that they have a whole line of party decor!

You can order banners, flags, straws, food labels, treat bags, favors, table runners and more. This would save a lot of time. I am hopeful to try this out for the next party that I am hosting. 

Beyond the parties, I got distracted and found myself on all different areas of the Minted website, especially the Art Marketplace, which I was pleasantly surprised to find! Since moving into our house about a year ago, we still have several blank walls and I am always on the lookout for the "just right" thing for those walls. I found so many options here. 


  I have seen many Save-the-Dates over the years of living in a college town and walking through many dating relationships, engagements and marriages. Many nights have been spent on our couches walking couples through premarital counseling and I have been giddy when I received those
Save-the-Dates, thinking of the future marriages and displaying them on our fridge. This line of Save-the-Dates from Minted is especially adorable.

The Minted site is a treasure trove! And for a limited time, you can get 15% off your order with the code SEVEN (expires 4/6/15). I am hoping to do just that as soon as I can actually decide between several things I am eyeing. 

( contacted me about posting a review and my words are 100% my own! )

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