Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Vacation in Pictures

The kids were so much braver than I would have expected. Taylor Joy loved the fast boat rides and also bouncing in the tubes ("tuba ride" the kids called it) while Papa pulled her slowly. Beckett was a bit more apprehensive. 

Easton didn't have a tube ride, but he was sufficiently entertained just by coloring. 



We did a little fishing outside of the house. Sad to say that nothing was reeled in...

Easton and his BFF

We took the kids to the Tyler Discovery Place Children's Museum. It was about 10X the size of the Bryan one and a million times more interesting. Glad to have gone, depressed to go back to Bryan.

The kids served us in the "restaurant."

Taylor Joy was the Vet...she had many interesting practices that I would not condone. ;)

Beckett, our firefighter

 Taylor Joy, the nursery nurse...loving on those babies.

We went to the "beach" every day to play. The kids had a blast there.

Those sweet little legs. Love all of them. Love the paleness. Love the squeeze-ability.

 My sweet dad who drove us everywhere on the boat and patiently did whatever needed to get done so that the kids would be filled with delight. Which they were. Thanks Mom and Dad. Love you!

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Monday, June 06, 2011


Taylor Joy-isms:

T: If you try to hide from God, He is EVEN in your hiding spot!
B: Not if you are under Mommy and Daddy's covers!
T: YES! He is EVEN there!!!
While waiting at the dentist office for the dentist to come in, Mommy hopped up in the chair and asked Taylor and Beckett to examine my teeth.

Taylor Joy looked at them, grabbed her drill and said, "Drill, drill drill! Here come your new teeth! Get rid of those old ones!"

Beckett said, "Now it's time to scratch your teef!" and proceeded to stick his little fingers in my mouth and "scratch" my teeth (I guess that's what he perceived they were doing with their big metal scraper).

Later on Taylor Joy made the comment, "when my baby teeth pop out I want silver teeth! That's what the dentist said!" (what in the world? I must have been out of the room for that one! who are these people?)


"Once upon a time there was a boy named Beckett. He was 100 so he could drive..."


"Mom, how come birds have white poop and we have brown and green poop?"


Allen: Buddy, I'm going to eat you!
B: No, I not a eater-boy. That doesn't make me happy. The oney thing that does is...FOOTBALL!


B: I know everything about GAS! (in regard to the answer to an Explode the Code I was doing with Taylor)


"Oh no, mom! He's got your fing! The fing you use to make stuff for people!" (Beckett yelling to me from outside the shower that Easton was turning on my sewing machine...)


B: Let's play Tangled! Yeah! Easton's the mean ol' wady!


During our vacation, Easton decided he wanted to be in charge of someone (since everyone is always in charge of him...see above). And Angel was the victim (my parents' dog). Pretty much all week, he was leading Angel around, telling her what to do, saying things like, "way down" (lay down) and pushing her head down in her bed.


Mom: Easton, time to get out of the bath!
E: No, kee koo! (no thank you)
Such a polite little rebel...


He kept crawling inside the fire pit, calling it a "bubble baff!"

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