Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ruidoso Vacation

Well, we're back! We took an amazingly restful vacation to Ruidoso, New Mexico for a full week, the longest vacation since our "hunniemoon" (that's how we spell it) over 2 years ago. We were a bit nervous about the 9 hour car trip since Taylor has only been on much shorter trips (3 hours to Dallas, 1 hour to Waco, etc.) before this. She did SO well! There were definitely times when she got fussy, but overall it was a great success! We went to Ruidoso Downs (the horse races), went picnicking in the mountains, made the rounds shopping in downtown, golfed (well, I mostly watched and drove the cart), went horseback riding in the mountains, and most of all...relaxed and refreshed in the cool mountain air. The average was probably around 80 so we loved to just hang out on the patio and veg out. Taylor started grabbing for toys this week and she was holding her rattle for the first time. The funny and sad part were that she has a hard time controlling her arms so she would bop herself in the head with it sometimes. Well, we are so glad to be back! Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Who needs naps?

Hi! It's Taylor here. Well, I've decided not to sleep today. It seems to me that I don't need any naps. I really don't want to take one unless mom is holding me while I do it. Otherwise, it's no good. The crib, no good. The carseat, no good. While the vacuum is running, no good. I usually like all of these things. But, not today. I think mom is about to pull her hair out. If you have any advice for her she might not end up bald the next time you see her... he he... no naps! play all day!

Taylor Tot

Friday, July 14, 2006

Okay, okay, everybody's doing it!

Okay, I get it! Blogging is cool... So here we are, starting our own blog. It was all Taylor's idea. She saw the blogs with all the other babies and said she wanted her own. She's got a lot to say, that's for sure! She has been making the cutest sounds lately - coos and cahs. I'll have to record it and upload it, it's just precious. Anyhow, we're glad to finally be in on this now that the internet fairy visited our house....and no more votes to wrap our house!

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