Friday, April 20, 2007

Our Little Walker

I haven't posted videos of our little walker lately and she has really been picking it up! My goodness she loves it! Check out the video...we couldn't stop her!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bluebonnet pics!

Here are some pics from our journey through the horticulture gardens with the Supercinski's last week. If you've never been there it's in full bloom right now and would make an enjoyable picnic spot for sure.

Since Taylor's 11 month is in a few days, I'll go ahead and update you on her.

After taking her first few steps (at least 10 at some points), she is considerably disinterested in walking these days. She finds it quicker to just crawl instead. I am totally fine with this. With our active little girl I can only imagine how "on my toes" I am going to have to be when she actually starts walking.

As for words, the main word in her vocabulary is still "dada". And she definitely knows who that is. She follows him around everywhere he goes. Literally. He is the world to her. It is the most precious thing I've ever seen. A couple of months ago Allen longed for this because she could never be anywhere without me and now it's happened! I am so glad she loves her daddy the way she does. And watching them together is pure joy!

She just got in another tooth. That makes six. 3 on top and 3 on bottom. She's lopsided toward her left.

Today I noticed that her hair in the back was kind of flowy and kind of curled up in the back and it made me realize that she's such a little person. She's growing up so fast! She doesn't have little baby hair anymore. It's big girl hair!

Can I just tell you how well behaved our daughter is? And I'm not praising us, it's definitely been the Lord's doing and He gets the praise. We started spanking her hand at around 6 or 7 months for discipline and were discouraged at first. But NOW, lo and behold, she responds so well to "no" and is always looking to us for approval before she grabs something she's not sure about. Can I tell you how encouraged I am by this? Or did I just do that??? Our goal is not that she be well behaved but that she understand the sin in her own heart and desire to let us shepherd her heart as the Lord has given us the authority to. Thanks for prayers about that...there have been many- even during pregnancy all the way until now. We appreciate them so much. We are, of course, praying for the day she will come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ and trust Him for the first time, understanding that all we do is to guide her toward Him.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Resurrection Day!

Normally I would say, "Hoppy Easter Everyone!" And as you can see, we are entertaining a cute little bunny in our midst. Well, my husband has been walking around the house and around church telling everyone "Happy Resurrection Day" today.

I like that better.


Our precious Lord Jesus rose from the grave to give us hope and a life worth living. Not a life worth living so we can do our own thing and focus on ourselves. A life worth surrendering to Him. It's pretty much the VERY least we can do seeing what He gave up for us. The God of the universe put on skin, came to earth, lived a perfect, sinless life, enduring every temptation as we have and became for us the PERFECT sin sacrifice.

Can we not live a life of worship unto Him?

Did you go to church today? Why? Ask yourself that question.

Read Isaiah 53. Read Luke 23 and 24.

And have an AMAZINGLY BLESSED day!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sugar, Spice and All That's Nice

Lately our little girl has been just that...such a little girl. She has tons of "babies" as we call them - stuffed animals of any kind, little bunnies, bears, baby dolls, etc. She loves to hold them and give them hugs and it is SO sweet. The sign for hug is crossing your arms over your chest. Well, I tend to exaggerate it a little to get the point across so I sway a little while I'm showing her. She does it just like me every time! It's precious to see how nurturing and sweet little girls are from the very beginning and just how differently God created boys and girls. Most little boys I know are obsessed with trains, trucks and wheels and my little girl is busy pulling out all her "babies" to give hugs to.

She's sugar and spice and all that's nice. That's what little girls are made of.

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