Sunday, November 04, 2007

Celebration of 40,000 Visitors!

After blogging for about a year now, we have hit 40,000! Wow! That seems really incredible to me! With the exception of my husband, who doesn't read the blog, the rest of the Duty's are glad to have served you with (hopefully) interesting writings, updates, pictures, videos and the like to make you want to come back and visit!

I would like to hear which things you like best...and then I can cater to our audience better. Not that I will actually have time in about 6 weeks (Beckett), but I will certainly try.

A Beckett update will be coming shortly. I want to take a picture of my ridiculously growing belly so you can see it as well. I feel like I have really "blossomed" lately!

Anyhow, just wanted to thank everyone who is dedicated to the Duty Chronicles and let you know we love to share our family and life with the rest of the blogging world. Keep on reading!


  1. congrats on all the visitors... Now the goal is to reach 40,000 posts! Get on it!

  2. D.O. - 40,000 posts! You're crazy! I'd have to quit my day job to reach that goal! And I don't think Allen or Taylor Joy will let me do that!

  3. I bet Heather is close to the 40,000 posts...maybe...ha!

    I want to see belly pics, baby Beckett pics (in a few weeks, of course!), and more videos of cute little Taylor Joy.

    Oh, and I just looked at the snapfish pics--she is such a cute Raggedy Ann!!


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