Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bible Says So

During our "Family Worship" times we have been singing a hymn and also "Jesus Loves Me" as Taylor Joy's hymn. Although she used to just sing, "Jesus Jesus Jesus" lately she has been singing, "Bible says so" although I have no idea where she got "says" since we always sing "Bible tells me so." Anyway, here is a random moment with her singing her "hymn." Enjoy!


  1. Aunt B8:36 AM

    Oh my goodness.. you just made my day. She better get her singing voice ready. I have a feeling it's all she'll be doing during the Thanksgiving holiday:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kyrsten4:04 PM

    What a sweet voice! I can't believe she let you video that!

    Anyway, thanks for reading our blog! Here is our address
    4507 August Dr
    Bryan, TX 77803

    Here is my cell if you ever wanna let our kids hang out or if you need to drop them off to get some rest, errands, etc done! 979-422-5495. I am already talking as if Beckett has been born! Ha.

  3. That's too cute! I love that she's trying to poke a grape with a big fork while she sings.


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