Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's in a Name?


Our little fetus has a name now. He has a name that both Allen and I wholeheartedly agree on, which is a miracle in itself. Now, don't get me wrong, Allen and I agree on most things, but when it comes to naming our babies there are definitely moments when we have to agree to disagree and move on. I've told Allen this to his face (and since he doesn't read the blog it doesn't matter anyway), but he is so difficult to talk to about names. Something ALWAYS comes up about 2 minutes into our conversation...which, by the way was started because I brought it up for the umpteenth time. All that to say, we have a wonderful name for the precious baby boy in my tummy. I just hope it's really a boy now! I've definitely been working on the nursery!

Okay, now for some fun.

The initials are: (dum da dum....drumroll)


Would anyone like to take a guess as to the name we chose? And don't guess if you already know!

The winner gets to decide if he/she likes the name or if we should change it.

Just kidding.

The winner gets his/her choice of homemade yummy snickerdoodles, fresh baked bread or the pinning of a rose on your nose. ;)


Get to guessing!!!


  1. While I was looking for a picture to put on this post I came across a website that is www.baby-names.name and it helps you find a name for your baby. That's right. All you actually have to do is click on a button and it comes up with a name for your baby.

    Luckily when I pressed it up came a B name...Bernard.

    Bernard Duty.

    Can you imagine?

    Now, if some of you were going to guess that I will tell you right now not to. You won't win. There's a hint for you.

  2. I guess Bryce Christian Duty. Will guesses Bradley Christian Duty. You can mail the snickerdoodles to:
    4719 Forestridge Commons Dr.
    Charlotte, NC 28269

  3. Brittney10:32 PM

    I kind of wish I didn't know... those Snickerdoodles are sounding GOOD right now.. hint, hint:) Maybe I'll do something else worthy of Kendra baked goodies!

  4. Since you put no limit on the number of guesses each contestant is allowed...

    Banfield Contrabass Duty

    Beyonce Cnowlls Duty

    Bartholomew Cider Duty

    Blake D.O. Duty (probably not that one huh?)

    Bryce Cebyr Duty

    Bojangles Calamity Duty


    Box Cutter Duty.

  5. Okay, great guess Bridenstine's, but no cigar.

    D.O., you make me laugh. Box Clutter? I just had to laugh out loud.

    Here are some hints:

    Hint #1: I've never known of anyone with this first name. (however this hint doesn't help D.O.)

    Hint #2: The middle name is probably a common middle name. I would guess.

    Hint #3: The first name has 2 syllables and the middle name has 1.

  6. Britt,

    I'll make some snickerdoodles for us this weekend. We'll need something to munch on!

  7. Byron Cade
    Baxter Cade
    Brody Cade
    Brady Cade
    Benson Cade

    I give up. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's adorable.

  8. BooBoo Crunk Duty!

  9. Ok, second guess for Bridenstines...Braden Caleb

  10. Wow, Birkenfields! Great job! You pinned the middle name!

    I'm glad to see you have a blog too! You are the ones I met on Sunday night??? If not, that's some other cute couple. Let me know what you'd like for your reward. ;)

    I think I'll just reveal the first name soon because I'm not sure anyone will get it.

    I'll update the blog today or tomorrow with the final revelation.

  11. Ashley Walker9:50 AM

    What about Brendan? or Brennan? :) Congrats on the boy by the way...I'm so happy for you guys!

  12. Kendra,
    No, I do not believe we've officially met you. We have met Allen once or twice but nothing extensive. Megan was definitely the one that thought of Cole and she wanted to guess Bryson, not Braxton. So if it happens to be Bryson Cole, then she not only is the best wife in the world, she's also the best "name guesser of babies of whom we don't even really know the mom." :)


    P.S. For a reward, we'd just like to hold little "Benard" when he gets here!

  13. Ok, I was so about to guess Braxton Cole as well. That name came to me this morning as I was feeding Will. How weird!

    Brenton Cole?

  14. The contest ended too soon! I was thinking about this all day yesterday, and like Liz, my guess was going to be Braxton Cole. Now, off to comment on the real name!

  15. Sorry that contest ended so quickly! We told our HOPE group and I figured the word would get out and someone would put it on the blog before I could!


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