Friday, August 03, 2007

Summer Vacay Part II

We love Ruidoso. It's a small quaint town with lots of interesting things to do, but the thing we love most is sitting outside on the deck swing, reading, meditating, watching the hummingbirds and enjoying God's creation in 70 degree weather. If you're lucky you might even see some deer, which we did one night as we were eating dinner outside.

We went to the shops one day (we didn't buy a thing!). We like to save our money for things like expensive dinners instead. Which we did a couple of nights that we were there and then we cooked at the house or grilled out the rest of the time.

One night we went to this place called the Pasta Cafe, which was similar to an Olive Garden. Taylor started off the night being fussy, but when the food came I started giving her my noodles and she went to TOWN on them. She was slurping them into her mouth and it was one of the funniest things I've seen. She loved it and she was a MESS!

Another night we went to a Dinner theatre that was actually like dinner and a concert. They had a band there that was amazing. It was almost kinda like a comedy show as well. They were very entertaining. I can't say so much about the food and the experience with childcare, but I definitely could have watched that show again.

Here's a picture of the stage where they played. One of the guys in the band played ALL of these instruments. Can you imagine? He really was amazing. He was the guy who sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and he can make his voice go real high.

We spent a day at the horse races and thanks to Bobby and Caryl Merchant had wonderful box seats. In between races we entertained Taylor by putting on Baby Einstein in the box and during the races we took her down there to watch the horses and tractors. She loved the "awsies".

While the weather was wonderful most of the time we were there, wouldn't you know it the day we planned our picnic it rained in sheets??? We went to Bonita Lake for a scenic picnic and ended up eating in the car. It wasn't all bad though. Seeing it rain from inside the car and with the amazing view was quite beautiful. We rather enjoyed it and made the best of it.

Other than that we read a bunch and just enjoyed each other. It was such a lovely vacation. Later I will have to do a book review on one of the greatest books I've read. I blew through 300 pages while we were there. I think my life changed while reading it. But like I said, that's for later...

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  1. What book was it? You should at least tell us that!



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