Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hairspray Recap!

Last night was a ladies' night to remember forever! We got DECKED out, went to see Hairspray at the movie theater and then on to Cafe Eccell for dessert.

Oh, what a night!

Just seeing everyone dressed to the nines pretty much made my evening. Everyone looked SO good! WOW ladies!

Here is everyone in the theatre...people were looking at us like we were CRAZY, but I know they were wanting to hang with us too... ;)

Ashley and I went to the bathroom and we heard some people whisper, "Oh, how cute, they dressed like the movie!" Haha, yeah...we don't normally dress like this and I am glad! I don't think my hair was cut out for the ever popular "flip", it is just WAY too thick and fell after about 30 minutes.

I would like say that Chelsea Groves could go back to the sixties and fit RIGHT in. Did ya'll see her? She's in the lower left corner of the above picture. Doesn't she look like the perfect 60's girl?

Me and Cate...the soon to be bride!

Me and Kelli...This was her mother's old dress! Her and Erin looked "to die for" in them! So so CUTE!

The Hairspray girls! They brought some in case our 'dos fell...

We really should do this more often gals!

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  1. I was just wondering if that is how Cate is going to wear her hair at the wedding?? I mean, it's a good look. Ya'll are too cute!


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