Monday, June 04, 2012

Zoo Trip!

This post is was meant to go out several months ago :( 

We went to the zoo a few months ago and I am just now posting about it. Sorry for the delay, but I am trying to be better about posting pictures and documenting our year. 

Now, read it like it's April. ;)

Spring is a time for field trips, right? I have done my best to plan some into our homeschool days and this week we headed to the Houston Zoo so that the kids and I could enjoy seeing some of God's wonderful creation! Our sweet friend, Kelli, accompanied us.

 My kids love turtles. Especially Beckett who sleeps with, bathes with and adores his "baby turtle."

Easton liked watching the roadrunner, probably because the roadrunner 
has a similar personality to himself. ;)

My boys. How big do they look there? Oh my.

Beckett and Miss Kelli with the elephants

Best try at getting all 3 together 

Baby jaguars and their keeper, Alicia (that's what the kids called her at least).  She talked about them, answered questions and fed them in front of us. Very educational!

Tigers! Beckett also loves tigers and sleeps with his baby cub tiger every night.

Our friends the giraffes...we have a great friendship with them after eating lunch only a few feet away from them. Very cool!

The petting zoo area was Easton's favorite. Particularly this fella.

Soon all the kids were gathered around and hoping to feed him. 
He wasn't so interested in what they had to offer. 

A great day and learning experience for the kids. We will definitely be going back to the Houston Zoo in the future!

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