Monday, January 31, 2011

The Amazingly Interchangeable Wreath

I have been loving this wreath! Main reason? I haven't had to make a new one for each season! Woo hoo! Can I get an amen for doing this thang once and for all?

Seriously, here is how I made it.

And since I first made the Halloween one, I have made a Fall one, a Christmas one, and my newest, a Valentine's one. Check them out:

I took these last 3 with my ipod touch and they ended up blurry/weird lighting...

It takes me hardly any time to make the fabric flowers (there are so many variations!), and I will only have to do that this year. I have been saving them with our seasonal boxes in the attic and can just attach them next year when it's time.

If you end up making one, enjoy the simplicity of it!

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