Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taylor Tidbits

Just wanted to post this cute picture of my family... (nothing to do with the post, really)

A few more Taylor Joyisms that I want to remember:

Riding in the car and Beckett blurts out "Bah!" (Ball)...he may have seen one or something that looked like one.

Taylor Joy: "Beckett, did you say 'Ball' or 'Bah', like a sheep?
Beckett: "Bah!"
Taylor Joy: But there's just no sheeps around here and there aren't even any shepherds!

Seriously, how cute is that little conversation?

While Allen was out of town last week on a mission trip, he told her that he was going to the beach one night and would find her some shells. Well, she took that to mean that was what he was actually DOING there, as in that's what he went to do. So, anytime someone would ask her where her Daddy was, she would say, "Oh, he just went to the beach to get me some shells."

Her prayer one night went like this: "I pray for Daddy as he plays in the sand and gets me some shells and I just pray for no crabs."

One day when Allen and her were about to play a game, she told him, "Daddy, I'm going to dominate you!"

Hmmm...wonder where that came from?

The same is true for the phrase she uses when we are leaving somewhere, "Mommy, why are we peacin' out?"

And lately the little sweetheart has been telling me every time I put her down for bed or a nap, "Mommy, you are my special girl, you are pretty and you're a good maker (cook)"

Talk about melting my heart.

How sweet the Lord is to me to encourage me through these precious children!


  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    That's funny stuff! I liked the "peacin' out" one and the crabs.


  2. I love love love that girl and I'm so glad I got to see y'all for a little while on Friday. I can't wait til it's much more frequent!

  3. kendra i am DYING... those are hilarious!!! i've been laughing this entire post. i can just hear her saying all of them.

    did you look at my blog? the latest post i wrote about her sweet little prayer at church on sunday. i still can't get over it...

    "do you want me to pray for you miss emily?"

    oh, i love this sweet girl!!


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