Monday, July 27, 2009

Here We Go!

Some search phrases you might have seen in my Google history in the past few days:

"How to induce labor naturally"
"Exercises that induce labor"
"Labor-inducing 101"

Some activities that you would have seen me engaged in if you lived here:

Doing the Wii fit like a madwoman (hula hoop, advanced step, squats, lunges)
Eating spicy salsa and chips
Cleaning like nobody's business

And here we go!

I've been in early labor (3 cm. dilated) for the past few days and now we are heading to the hospital!

The newest member of the Duty family will arrive today sometime and I am completely overjoyed to find out who is in there.

We'll post updates on the blog throughout the day.

Please pray for the delivery, the baby's health and our little ones at home.



  1. ahh! Can't wait to hear the news!

  2. Congrats! We'll keep checking!

  3. Wow, how exciting! We're praying for you and your fam.

    Kelly & Josh

  4. I can't wait to find out if my guess on the gender is correct and to meet the precious new addition. I'm going to be checking back all day for more info! That's so funny about the google searches on inducing labor because I did the very same thing :) Red Hots and water (with a few Tums) did the trick.

  5. GO KENDRA GO!!! You are going to do awesome! We are praying for y'all and the little one!

  6. I am guessing a boy because today is Nate's birthday! Good Luck!

  7. look a little too cute, and a little too thin to be walking out the door to have a baby.

    What are we going to do with you?


  8. Kendra, Are you allowed to look that pretty on your way to give birth? I don't know...
    I am praying for you now and SO excited!!!

  9. yayyyyyy!! We CANNOT WAIT to meet the newest Duty Boy!! Easton Brooks- I love it!!
    Kendra you look WAY too good to be 'on your way to the hospital' in that picture:)
    love you guys.


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