Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Easton Brooks Duty

Let me just start by saying...

I am overwhelmingly blessed by God to call these precious little ones my children and also by all of you. Thank you for all your sweet emails, comments, phone calls, visits and prayers.

The labor was swift, easy and I am recovering quickly as well. Easton is getting acclimated to his new home and only woke up twice during the night to eat. I haven't slept as well as I did last night since I was probably 7 months pregnant. Praise the Lord for that! He always knows what we need when we need it.

Well, without further ado:

Our life in pictures these past few days...

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And a picture in color for good measure. I know everyone is dying to see his red hair, which, in actuality is not red like Taylor Joy's (as the guest blogger below stated), but is a very light reddish blonde. And there's not much of it. Check it out!


  1. Another Duty cutie! Love ya'll!

  2. Congrats! He's precious and resembles Beckett. We were carrying some big boys!

  3. ahhhh, he is totally adorable. i didn't think your family could get any cuter but they just did! so happy for you, dutys!!!

  4. I've been waiting for this post for awhile! He's just adorable and I can't wait to hold little Easton. So glad you are all doing well and adjusting. Love you!

  5. Kristin Schroder8:22 AM

    Kendra, he is so precious!!! You guys have been in my prayers and praises. I am always amazed at the Creator and His handiwork. What a gracious and good God we serve! Glad to hear that you are recovering quickly!


  6. OH my! He is so precious! Congratulations!! And, yay for his sleeping pattern! That is tremendous!

  7. Congratulations Kendra! He's adorable!

  8. He is so cute! I can't wait to meet him.

  9. Could he be any cuter???
    Congratulations Dutys!!!
    Love y'all,

  10. We can't wait to meet Easton and get our baby boys together! The Carl's love you much!

    Landon, Ashley, and Logan

  11. Congratulations!!! He's so cute!! Praise the Lord for rest and easy labor!!


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