Friday, September 12, 2008

Checkout our cuteness!

And by "our" I mean, all the others besides me. I wasn't having the best hair day on our picture day regardless of the fact that it was 100% humidity in the late evening here at George Bush library and we all had sweat running down our faces and backs. Okay, pretend you don't know all that and enjoy the Photoshopping that my friend, Larra, must have done to make us look good. Is she amazing or what? I would recommend her to you in paragraph form, but I think I'll just let her pictures do the talking:

I'm sorry...I'm not good at narrowing down! Please let me know which ones are your favorite! I want to order some for around the house and I need help! Thanks!


  1. sKendra, I just love how in most of the picture one or both of the kids are not looking at the camera. It makes it seem so much more real life. Was that on purpose? All of the pics are super cute. I don't think I can really narrow it down. Sorry.

  2. I love the third one down! and the last one of Taylor Joy, and the second one of Beckett, and the one of Beckett and Taylor Joy in the flowers (the colored one). I also like the first one; Taylor Joy is such a little ham in that one!

  3. Ok, your family is just too precious! I absolutely love these pictures. I think you'll just have to do a collage or something b/c I wouldn't be able to pick just one picture.


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