Thursday, September 18, 2008

9 months...

Our little Beckett boy is now 9 months old (Monday) and just as happy as ever to be growing up and moving around like crazy.

Some things he enjoys these days:

- pulling up on EVERYTHING

-following big sister around (she eggs him on to follow her and he does! it's really cute to watch. On a sidenote, I think we are entering a new era in the Duty house. The era of kids being able to actually entertain each other, where I am not the primary entertainer anymore. Praise the Lord! I may be on the verge of a shower that's longer than 2 minutes!)

-smiling...just look at the guy and he's grinning from ear to ear. Everything is hilarious in his world.

-being tickled (he is SO ticklish and he will get a pretty hardy laugh when you tickle him)

-playing in his crib (this started awhile back, but he will play in his crib up to 30 minutes after he wakes up from his nap. He hasn't stood up in his crib yet, but I feel it coming)

-food! He's finally becoming a good eater and outeats Taylor Joy at just about every meal.

He had a doctor appointment on Monday and it turns out he's stepping down on the charts. In the past he's been either off the charts or around the 90-something percentile for both height and weight. Well, now he's down to the 75th for both. He's weighing in at 21 lbs. and the height is at 29 inches. A big, healthy boy!


  1. Beckett and Meira weigh the same and she is over half his age!

  2. do the arbuckles mean over twice his age? :)

  3. good call, janette. I hadn't noticed that... silly arbuckles ;)


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