Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To Cut or Not to Cut

That's the question.

The same question I ask myself every summer when it's smoldering hot in TX and time is at an absolutely minimum (with 2 kids clamoring for my attention).

When your hair is long like mine there are many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages go like this:

  • it does look nice when it's done
  • I get lots of compliments
  • I feel a little younger
  • I'm not sure my hair looks good short
  • my husband likes it

(okay, these advantages are sounding very vain right about now, except the last one)

Here are the disadvantages of long hair:

  • 30 minutes of blowdrying
  • lots of maintenance
  • lots of hair pulling and eating (by Bubba Tub Beckett)
  • its HOT in the summer
  • it ends up nasty when you-know-who spits up in it
  • it ends up in a ponytail most of the time

Okay, as you can see...many more disadvantages than advantages. But the disadvantages sound much more legit than the advantages.

Here's a picture from Summer 2005 when it was the shortest it's ever been. I didn't particularly like the cut, but it'll give you an idea of me with shorter hair.

So...I need your help! What do you think? Should I cut my hair? I'm not talking about a Katie Holmes bob or anything, just something a little above the shoulders, maybe to the chin. I am itching for a change and a little coolness too. June is the month of hair cutting for me. I only cut my hair twice a year so after I decide that's it for another 6 months. Vote in the sidebar and then submit a comment about how I should get it cut. Like specify which celeb's hair would look good on me or the type of cut you think would look good.

Then I will decide which advice to take. If you win, I'm taking you to the salon with me! Just kidding (unless you want to go!) If you win, you get the honor of winning on my blog! And I'll make some bows for your daughter (if you have one).

Thanks in advance! Don't forget to vote and comment! The more the better!


  1. Short.

    1. I like short hair on girls
    1a. Not that this is important for you, a married woman, but still, I think, noteworthy.
    1b. Most boys don't like short hair, it seems.

    2. Why on Earth would you not want to go the easy, less stressful, less time consuming, less hot route?

    3. Green living is very in these days, and you'll be saving energy by using the blow dryer less.

    4. You didn't ask for reasons why did you? You just wanted to know which celebrity to do your hair like... I've no opinion on that matter, as I don't know what any celebrities' (how do you spell the plural possessive of "celebrity"?) hair looks like.

  2. I actually think you look younger with shorter hair so take that off your advantages!!

    I'll get back to you with that perfect celebrity haircut.

  3. I think your long hair is beautiful and most girls would die to have hair that looked like yours... BUT I know how hot things are and with the babies, it's easier for me to just keep it short. Sorry I'm riding the fence here, but there ya go. (I'm going through something like this right now, not that my hair is any length like yours!)

  4. All I have to say is don't make an impulse decision!!! Been there, done that!

    My reasoning or logic about keeping long hair is....

    because of the heat if it is always up anyways, why not have short hair???

    Your hair is beautiful, Kendra!

    Whatever you decide you will look fab!!

  5. Ok, Kendra, not ever having seen you in real life, I first have to say...you're gorgeous! You're gonna look fabulous no matter what you decide.

    BUT...I do have to say, I think you should go for something short. You never know until you try, and you'll always be wondering until you do! Maybe you'll be like me, and decide that you like yourself better with short hair.

    I got mine cut March-ish a little past my chin, and I love it! It's still long enough I can pull it back, but short enough to be cool and easy.

    I can't think of any celebs at the moment, but if I see something cute, I'll let you know. :)

    Ok, I'm done rambling!

  6. You have BEAUTIFUL hair, and I'm sure it would look fabulous with whatever length it is. I will say that I sympathize with the long heavy hair in the heat. This caused me to have an impulse haircut a couple months ago that I am still enjoying. It takes half the time to fix, isn't all over my neck, and I get bad headaches from heavy ponytails.

    I'm not so knowledgeable about celebrity styles you can imitate, but I'm sure you'll find something great!

  7. I like this hair cut...maybe a little longer if you want it more at your shoulders.

    I think you should cut it..especially for the summer. Blow drying is way to long and hot. I can't imagine having kids on top of that.

    My husband likes mine better long too but he says he likes it short because he knows its easier for me. I know Allen would agree!


    I'll keep looking

  8. Hi Kendra,

    Having just chopped over half my hair off last week I feel liberated and I can't tell you how much cooler (temp wise) I feel. It was shorter than I though it would be, but it will grow back ( I only cut my hair every six months too) and life is too short to wonder and sweat. (In my oh so humble and pregnant opinion). Anyway, this is the site I got my hairstyle from: http://www.bosshairstyles.com/celebrity-hairstyles-03.htm I like the Christina Applegate cut for you on the lower right side. If you scroll over the photos they show up in the center space. Alright, that's my vote, happy contemplating!

  9. cut your hair because a) you look beautiful no matter what b) it's HOT! Go for it, Kenners :)
    p.s. I am waiting until I lose my babyweight to cut mine but how did you know I was going for the katie holmes look :) Love you!

  10. Kendra,
    The great thing about hair is that it always grows. So, cut it and it'll be back long again in no time. Its not a lifetime commitment, so go for it!
    Love ya,

  11. Janette - you are so right, but...

    I should mention that my hair grows VERY slowly, except when I'm pregnant and I don't plan on being in that state for awhile.

  12. What? There aren't plans for Duty child #3 to arrive early next year?

  13. Go for short. I'm with D.O. on this one on #1,2, and 3. Green baby, yeah.

  14. You are such beautiful women and your hair cut looks amazing! I bet you gained some time in your day too!


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