Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taylor Tot Turns Two!

Say that 10 times fast!

Happy Birthday Taylor Joy!

Taylor Joy,

You are more precious than I ever imagined you would be.
You have more spunk, curiosity and joy than anyone I've ever met.
You challenge me daily to become a better mother to you and your brother.
I love it that you live and breathe enthusiasm with everything you do and say.
I love it that the room just lights up when that big smile of yours breaks out.
I love it that my world is brighter place with you in it.
And you've only been in this world for 2 years...
What a treasure you are and will be.

Some funny conversations we've had this month:

We went to the VandeVanter's one night and while the boys were outside playing, Taylor went to the potty inside. When Allen came inside I wanted Taylor to tell Allen about going to the potty.

Me: Taylor, do you have something to tell Daddy?
Taylor: Ummm... (long pause) Happy Easter!

Ha! Okay!

One day she was playing with her brush and she told me, "Mommy, brush hair, mommy! Real messy!" Oh, great. As if I need critiques from my two year old!

We'll be walking along and she things like, "We're just walking, mommy." in her sweet little voice.

She has a favorite blankie that her aunt B gave her that she sleeps with every night and carries around the house with her. Before bed time we go to find the blankie and bring it to bed with us. Several nights when I asked she would say, "Blankie's in the dishwasher!" That blankie has to be washed very often and I'm pretty sure the dishwasher just won't cut it!

She is at such a funny age where everything she says is just stinkin' cute or hilarious.

Do you have any special memories with my Taylor Joy? Has she blessed you lately? Share your comments here. I want her to be able to look back and see how the Lord has used her all her life when she is old enough to appreciate it.


  1. Happy Birthday Taylor.

    Such a pretty, pretty girl.

    She is so sweet, I know you are proud.

    Enjoy these times, they go so fast!!

  2. Another funny thing she said the other day...

    She got a new Dora purse for her birthday and she swung it on her shoulder, sort of flipped that hair of hers and said, "I going to Walmart!", as if that was THE place to be! How funny! I told her if she's going to say it like that she needs to say something like, "I going to Rodeo drive!"

  3. Aunt B12:10 PM

    Wow.. so many memories that make me smile. In fact, all it takes is being around her! Here are a couple that always make me smile when I think about them!!

    Of course, any time Taylor looks up with those big brown eyes and says, "Be my B", my heart immediately melts!! That will always be my absolute favorite! We have to get that on video before she stops saying it:)

    I also thought it was hilarious the other day when we were leaving and she kept repeating over and over, "maybe take Taylor?" and then, "That's an idea!!".

    The Wal-mart line was classic too:)

    I love them all and absolutely adore that little girl. I treasure every moment spent with her.

    Happy Birthday, Taylor.

  4. Aunt B5:24 PM

    I meant blue eyes, of course:) I'm not sure where that came from, but realized my mistake as soon as I read it.

  5. I know I saw you just a day before your bday but forgot to post it - HAPPY BDAY TAYLOR JOY! Love you :) Rylz and Keira say hi!


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