Saturday, May 03, 2008

Party on the Potty!

Do you see this completed chart? Do you know what that means?

To me, it means:

  • Only ONE baby in diapers!
  • Less (I almost put "no more") nasty diapers to change
  • An extra $40 a month
  • We won't own stock in Boudreux's Butt Paste anymore (or less at least)
  • No more trying to think of ways to get out of changing a poopy (aka getting Allen to change it)

To Taylor Joy it means:

  • Wearing pretty panties
  • "Flipping it!" (flushing the toilet)
  • Washing her hands and making silly faces in the mirror
  • Getting a star sticker

Ya'll, Taylor is POTTY TRAINED!

Yippee! We are so proud of her for catching on so quickly. It's funny because at first when we would put her on the potty and she would go, I must have said something like, "See, it's not so bad!" because now she says that every time! So funny! Yeah, it's not bad at all, it's wonderful! I'm so thankful that it was an easy process!

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  1. us mommies must be in sync, because I just posted something about potty time on our blog, too. I posted it yesterday. How funny! p.s. I love the pics from the last posting, too. Love Tay's piggies and Beckett is just tooo sweet :) love ya'll


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