Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Twinkle Little Star Down in Heart

Here is Taylor Joy singing a variety of songs! Here is the translation:

She starts off singing "Down in heart, down in heart" from "I've got the joy joy joy" and then she goes to singing "Twinkle twinkle little star" while she proceeds to stuff cheerios into her mouth. It cracks me up because at first she's almost whispering a soft ballad and then all of the sudden it turns into a rock song! She gets distracted so easily and she goes to humming and dancing after that!


  1. It's really so sad you see...
    In my country YouTube is I can't watch ANY of your precious videos!! SO sad!!
    We think about you guys often and just think Beckett is such a doll!
    I'm curious...where did you find the name?? We're having SUCH a hard time naming this second little boy! So SAD! Fill me in!

  2. Taylor Joy rules...

    And that stinks for those Estes folks, not being able to see how much she rules.

    Hey KD, if you want, you can change my link to but you don't have to. Just throwing it out there. I hope y'all are doing great!


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