Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break

We went to Dallas this week and stayed with Nanny, Papa, B and Angel for the week while Allen was gone to do spring break missions. Yep, he went to a border town and BUILT A HOUSE for a family there. Is he amazing or what!

Actually...he told me that the first day everyone was a little leery about building the house because the "regular" construction workers (like those who do this for a living) weren't on the trip this year and everyone was sort of looking to him to lead and he was usually just a "helper" to those guys.

Well, the second day he called and told me they got MORE done than they had ever done in the previous years. It's just a testimony to the Lord that he really doesn't call the equipped but rather equips those that he calls! Praise the Lord! A family there is completely blessed with a sturdy roof over their head now!

Our spring break started off with SNOW! Yep! Spring break...snow...should those two things even be in the same sentence???? I opened the blinds that morning and to my surprise snow was falling and HARD! Crazy! I snatched Taylor Joy out of bed, bundled her up and grabbed the camera. Look closely and you can see snow falling!

In Dallas we mostly just relaxed but did some stuff around town too. Like Tuesday, we went to the Dallas Arboretum where Dallas Blooms was this week and it just so happened that Tuesday was their Toddler Day. Yippee! We had a blast! First, Taylor was greeted by some Children's Hospital helpers who decked her out like a little nurse.

Then, we colored for awhile with markers while I pleaded with Taylor to go dance with the Kindermusik lady who was teaching a little dance to the kids. But, that was a no-go. Coloring was way more fun, apparently.

We headed out to their little petting zoo.

Taylor had a blast!

Can you tell she loved the petting zoo???

Oh, but she hated getting her hands dirty. She was asking for wipes in between petting the animals. What a girly girl. Gee, I wonder where she gets that from...

We had a little picnic lunch and then walked around enjoying the flowers.

This is the closest thing we could get to a family picture.

I like this picture because Beckett and I are making the same face. His is much cuter, of course!

More fun with flowers! This girl LOVES to be outside!

Two worn out kiddos...

What a wonderful week topped off by an AMAZINGLY QUIET car ride home. Beckett slept pretty much the whole time and Taylor Joy was entertained watching Charlotte's Web twice! I listened to a sermon by Carolyn Mahaney about being busy in the home. What a wonderful way to end the week. Hope yours was great too!


  1. I love the family portrait... so awesome, and real, ya know? Not like those fake ones where everyone's looking at the camera smiling (I mean, those are good too, but... yeah, you know).

  2. I'm so glad you guys had a great week! I really enjoy the Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum, it makes for some beautiful pictures.


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