Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Making Hairbows

I've had several people ask me to teach them how to make little girl's hairbows. I figured it easiest to do a step-by-step photo tutorial for anyone who wants to learn.

I hope you can follow. It's kinda like cooking in that most of the time I add just a little of this and a little of that and it seems hard (and silly) to try to explain everything, but here goes:

Here are the materials that you will need:

Floral wire
Hair clips
Hot glue gun

First, cut a long piece (see what I mean here?) of the desired ribbon that you want to make a bow out of. Seriously it's probably like 2 feet...ish...Or you can just cut it after you make the loops. That's actually what I do so I don't waste any ribbon.

Take the ribbon and make a loop like the picture below.

Bring up another loop on the opposite side so the ribbon makes almost an M shape.

Now, continue and make a loop back on the lower portion of the first side.

Finally, one more loop back up to the upper right side and bring the dangling end back down to the lower left.

It does feel ackward holding the ribbon at first, but you'll get the hang of it and it will start to feel more natural.

Take the floral wire and wrap it around the middle of the loops so that its as tight as you can get it. Now, you can adjust the loops so they are even and just how you like them. Take the floral wire and wrap it around a few more times when you are satisfied. Make sure it's wrapped smoothly. Clip the edges if you need to.

Now get your clip and you are ready to hot glue ribbon around the edges of it. Starting at the bottom (flat side) hot glue the edge of the ribbon to the edge of the clip.

Finish by hot gluing all across the top and into the clip on the top of the inside.

Doing this isn't totally necessary if the clip isn't going to show, but I just think it's cute and that's what all the Gymboree clips look like.

Take your hairclip and hot glue the flat side of it to the back of the bow so it doesn't show from the front at all.

Now, take a smaller piece of ribbon and use the hot glue to glue one side the back of the bow inside of the clip. After it's dry take the ribbon and wrap it around the bow so that it's snug and depending on the look you want you may want to wrap it a couple more times. Hot glue the end to the back of the bow (inside the clip), making sure no ragged ends are showing.

I know some people like the look of a little knot in the middle. Just tie a knot in your ribbon and wrap it around in the same way.

Voila! You made a sweet bow for your sweet little girl!

Another thing I like to do is to fire up the edges of the ribbon to make sure they don't fray. Just don't really start a fire! You don't have to get it that close to the ribbon or do it for that long! Let's be smart, people!

Let me know if you have any additional suggestions or ways to make different bows. I know this way has got to be the easiest way! I hope this helps!


  1. This is fantastic! I've been wanting to make Sadie some bows.

    Another easy tip for those sweet babies with very fine hair: hot glue a piece of velvet ribbon on both pieces of metal inside the clip. It makes the bows stay in the hair!

  2. Thanks Kendra!

    You've just saved us lots of money on little girly bows! And I'm so picky about the design on the ribbon I can now choose my own ribbon.

    Yippy! I'm so doing this soon!

  3. Brittney9:56 PM

    oohh.. fancy bows AND a fancy new page. I'm impressed by them both!!

  4. Thank you! I know all the girl having famlies are excited!I'm gonna try to make some huge bows, my girls have huge hair!

    A tip for girls with lets say not so fine hair....Make sure you take the bow out before they go to sleep or you'll spend the next couple of mornings matching their outfits to the bow that you can't get out...hehehe

  5. I have no girls, but i'm still excited. On the post before this one did you make that one too(Sm. pink polkadot)? Did you get the "flatness" by creasing it, i know the Gymboree ones always look tight and flat, does it happen by itself? Also i know you can get fake flowers and hot glue then on a clip covered with thin ribbon, i've seen a hibiscus one that was gorgious.

  6. Kaylene - yes, I made the pink and white polka dot was made a different, believe it or not, easier way!

    You just go back and forth with the ribbon and don't have to do any fancy loops at all and then finish it the same way. You can only use ribbon that is 2-sided though or else one side will be printed and the other side blank. If that's confusing I can show you some day. Maybe we should have a bow making party!

    Let me know if you need help or want to look at one!

  7. Thanks for posting that!! I need visuals. Now if only I can find the time. :)


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