Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Church!

We just pulled in from church and Taylor Joy started crying saying, "More church, more church!" I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm for our church, Living Hope. Although I know they do wonderful things in the preschool and teach a fruitful lesson every time she is in there, I certainly hope she keeps that same wonderful enthusiasm for the church throughout her life.

This spring our pastor, Butch, has actually been preaching a series called, Ekklesia, which is the greek word for "church" (basically, a group gathered together, not the building) used in the New Testament and calling us to the standard of the church body that the Bible has for us. I encourage you to click on the link to our church, click on Listen Online and start listening to the sermons today!

Oh, and after Taylor Joy stopped saying, "More church!" she went on to say, "More Daddy, more Daddy!" I'm quite sure that her enthusiasm for her daddy will last for the ages...

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