Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy 2 Months, Beckett!

Beckett Cole is now TWO MONTHS OLD!

I actually feel like he is older than that...maybe just because he's so big, but he's also 9 weeks old tomorrow. On Monday he weighed 14 POUNDS! I just couldn't believe it. I said to the nurse, "No he DOESN'T weigh 14 lbs.!" and she thought I was seriously doubting her weighing skills. I was just so shocked!

He honestly has the sweetest personality. He is smiling, cooing and talking like nobody's business. He loves his mama. And I love that he loves me so much. It literally takes me picking him up to make him stop crying and saying anything to him to make him smile. He absolutely melts my heart.

I never knew what all the fuss over baby boys was about (since I adore little girls!) but this baby boy is so cuddly and sweet and I now understand the sweet bond between a baby boy and his mama. Not that it's better in anyway, just completely different...I love them both SO much!

Here are some pictures to keep the grandparents happy!


  1. He is seriously sooooo cute! Tell Allen I really really mean that.

  2. Brittney11:49 AM

    You made more than the grandparents happy:) They are growing so fast. Happy 2 months Beckett!

  3. He is such a big boy, and he's starting to look so much like Taylor. You guys make some cute kids!

  4. He is adorable, Kendra! And he is so sweet! I love that he smiles so much!

    See...boys do have a way with their mommy!! Just a couple more months you'll be even more smitten!

  5. Anonymous10:49 PM

    He almost weighs as much as 9 month old Andre! What an adorable family you have. And you're so right. Boys and their mamas. Hard to describe, but oh so wonderful. Even when they're 15.


  6. Vanessa Kynes10:22 AM

    Hey there,

    It has been a long time since our last chat- but I have been following the blog over the last few years. Glad to see the arrival of baby Beckett! And Taylor Joy is as CUTE as ever! She is so big!

    I enjoyed reading the blog!


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