Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Taylor Joyisms: 

 (as she is trying to put up her princess tent I ask, "do you need help, babe?") She says, "umm...I'm trying, but this thing is slippery as a sausage!"

"whoa whoa now! Hold your horsepower!" (while playing with Lightning McQueen, Holly and Finn McMissile)

(after kissing Allen on the cheek) "ooh! you shocked me!"
Allen: Oh, well how do you know that you didn't shock me?
T: Because it was a big shock. I only shock little.

(A convo with Beckett)
T: Delicate means real fun.
B: I'm real fun.
T: Yeah, so... you're delicate.

Easy man almost went over there, but I stopped him because it could be human. (about Easton almost opening the front door for some girl scouts)


 (he and Allen playing a game where they "kill" each other) He says, "Daddy, I sure am glad you aren't really killed. I love you."

(after telling Easton that we must strap him into his seat so he doesn't fall out and bust his head open)
B: If you busted your head open, you'd have to get a new head.
D:Where would you get one of those?
B: You'd get it from the head store!

Mom, when I run, it hurts when I walk. But when I rest, I get lots of energy.


"Miss Winsey, will you pwease hewp me open my chocowate miwk? Tank you!"

D: Easy man, what do you want to pray for?
E: I want to pway for the ceeyute tigers

(Sissy shows him a picture that she made for him)
E: SHANK YOU, SHISHY! (in the most dramatic and ridiculous voice...this phrase is becoming common in our house now, thanks to Easy Man)

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