Sunday, February 05, 2012

Carryover Book Reviews from 2011

In October I posted the list of books I had completed cover to cover and my star rating on those. Here are the rest of the books I finished in 2011. Hopefully they can be of some help to you as you pick up books throughout the year. 

5 Stars - Make time soon
4 Stars - Worthwhile read at some point
3 Stars - If you have spare time, go for it
2 Stars - Not the best resource
1 Star - Steer clear

The Gospel of Ruth, Carolyn Custis James ***1/2
Engaging book about the book of Ruth that had some great truth about suffering/loss and trials. There were a few instances where I wondered if our theology differed on some subjects. Other than that, I enjoyed it and learned from it.

Generous Justice,  Tim Keller *****
One of the best books I have ever read, definitely the best on the subject. Biblical, compelling, and pursued my heart and its motives before ever addressing my actions. Highly recommend!

Redemption, Mike Wilkerson ***1/2
Hard to read because of the devastating effects of sin conveyed throughout the chapters, but if you can get past that, it's a helpful book for counseling and ministering.

For the City, Darrin Patrick and Matt Carter ***
Really a book about the stories of how their churches and commitment to the city got started and where they are now. Interesting, but definitely not a must-read.

Community, Brad House ****
A wonderful book about the heart of community in your church body. First half was way better than the latter. Must read for church leaders.

Honey for a Child's Heart, Gladys Hunt ****1/2
I LOVED this book! It inspired, encouraged and refreshed me in the shepherding of my children through books. I would recommend this to any mom, especially as a resource for all of those great, classic books it lists at the end.

Money: God or Gift, Jamie Munson ****1/2
The best little, compact book I have read on the subject that combines practicality with theology of money.

Jesus Calling, Sarah Young ***
A one-year devotional I read last year, more sporadically than everyday, but nonetheless, it encouraged my heart. I wouldn't classify it as Gospel-centered, but scripture saturated for sure. Each day was based on many different scriptures that spoke from the heart of God to you on that particular day.

Currently, I am reading Becoming God's True Woman, Amazing Grace and 7. Just finished up Real Marriage. Book reviews to come...

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