Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blinglets Review & Giveaway

Given the opportunity to try out these fun, fashion forward, customizable bracelets with my daughter and her friends, I couldn't pass it up. How fun that they could create beautiful bracelets and then be able to model them for all to see!

They are appropriately named, Blinglets...bracelets with bling! They can also be found here on their website, here for Twitter updates and here on Facebook for more information and for purchase. They have a variety of fun and educational products to browse.
If you purchase the "party pack," each girl will be given 4 bracelets with coordinating sticky jewels to decorate the bracelets with. Both the bracelets and the jewels are nice quality. The jewels are a heavier weight and the bracelets are thick (not bendable), like bangles.

I would give this caution: the first time Taylor made one, I forgot to remind her to stick the jewels and then press it hard so it sticks well and a few of them came off while she was wearing them, but after she made efforts to really press, I don't think we have had the same problem. Beckett and Easton each made some as well and I have found some of the stickers on the ground, which I assume is from Easton's contribution. These aren't the plasticky jewels, like the ones little girls use for earrings, they seem nicer and bigger to me. I like the look of them once they are stuck on there good.

Also, the actual bracelet seems a bit on the big side for a 5-6 year old girl. They easily slip off of Taylor's wrist, so she wears them some and she also has been using them as collars for all of her stuffed animals. Her puppies and kittens are looking adorably stylish!

 We made some with her girlfriends from MOPS, as well as Beckett and Easton, and they had a great time putting them together and customizing them. Each girl had their own method. Some wanting spaces in between each jewel and coordinating the colors and other girls who wanted to fit as many as possible on the bracelet to really "bling" it out. They had a wonderful time being creative.

So, who wants a party pack of Blinglets for their little girl and her girlfriends? I am hosting a fun girly giveaway for a pack that will entertain 12 girls (with 4 bracelets per girl). What a fun excuse to have a party for your girly!

If you would like to enter, you can gain up to 17 entries below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Deadline for entries: February 29th at noon CST
Winner to be announced: February 29th at 1 PM CST
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