Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Mother/Daughter Cookie Swap

For Christmas, New life hosted a sweet Mother and Daughter Cookie Swap at my friend Ashley's house a few weeks ago. The gist of it being: take some time to bake some yummy cookies with your daughter, bring them to the event and enjoy sampling all the cookies that the other girls brought. Also, fill up a bag of them to take home to share with your family and neighbors.

 The girls had a great time on all counts. My girlie greatly enjoyed baking with me. I gave her a few options for types of cookie to make, and she selected the Cake Batter Blondies. I figured she would pick the one that was the brightest and prettiest. (Rolo cookies were on my list to try and that got nixed -- no fear, I made them later and they were fabulous, as I suspected).

After the girls played princesses for a little while, we quickly grabbed our hot chocolate, cider and plates full of deliciousness. Taylor and I shared a plate so that we could sample all of the cookies without getting sick to our stomachs...definitely not the goal here.

I should also mention that there were wonderful prizes donated by some local businesses that included:

Best Tasting Cookie - Kids' and Adult Meal Coupons, donated by Chick-fil-A (Texas Avenue)

Most Beautiful Cookie - a bag of yummy Christmas blend coffee, donated by Starbucks (Holleman)

Best All-Around Cookie - a beautiful basket of mother/daughter fun (cake/cookie mixes, Christmas book, recipe book, magazines, sprinkles, icing, cookie cutters, mugs, hot chocolate, etc!) donated by our HEB (Tower Point)

All of the girls and moms tasted and then voted on their favorite cookies. So many to choose from!

But ultimately, someone has to win those wonderful prizes...the winners are:

Most Beautiful Cookie
Rachel & Kindle Kerbel

Best Tasting Cookie
Kendra & Taylor Joy Duty

Best All-Around Cookie
Ashley & Rylee Kinnard

 Then came the games...oh the games! We modified some Minute to Win it games to make them more Christmas-y and it was quite a riot.

Wreath Relay:
Carry the wreath across the room (to a specified place) in under a minute using only your shoulders and up. (exception: we allowed the girls to use their elbows and up and make it a team effort)

Ornament Kissing:
Using only you face and your partner's face, work together to get as many ornaments to hang on the line as you can in 60 seconds.

The girls loved the game so much that they played it with each other for the rest of the night and were actually pretty good at it!

We also spent some time talking about how we could be women clothed in good deeds and spurred one another on toward love and good deeds. We were reminded that we are His workmanship, created to good works which He prepared in advance for us to do, encouraging the girls to continue to shine brightly for Him in all the areas of life that God is using them to influence others (school, dance, neighborhood, church, family, sports). We ended with praying that our girls would be women of influence because of the work that Christ is doing in their hearts and for Jesus to shine brightly through them and use them for His glory!

What a sweet night it was for these mothers and daughters! 
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  1. This is such a GR8 Idea!!! I think I might do this next year, my daughter had a blast with all the goodies we made this year, I think she would have chosen the cake batter blondies too!! Ur daughter is just precious and I LOVED this post, ty for sharing just a sweet moment between mother and daughters!!! :-)


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