Friday, January 20, 2012

Craft Desk

My dear, sweet and thoughtful husband really blessed me a couple of weeks ago by making me a super cute craft corner, complete with a custom craft desk and organizational peg board to hang over it.

Seriously, I never thought I would see the day where I would have this. I figured the kids would have to be out of the house for us to have the space (and time to craft, honestly!). But here I am, with my own little space and I am one happy girl!

We had a framed picture above our couch in the family room that I just recently replaced and so I decided I wanted to use it for the frame around my pegboard, to make the pegboard look a little nicer. Allen painted the pegboard and we bought a little peg hanging kit with all of the hooks and shelf hangers from Lowe's. The rest of it Allen made by hand, including the spool organizer. I made the cup organizers from metal cans and leftover fabric, so all of that was completely free.

The ribbon is hanging from a dowel rod that Allen already had in the garage. Such a huge improvement from how I stored my ribbon before (just a huge basket of spools with ribbons flying everywhere!).

I used the glass from the frame and put it on the desk with fabric and a measuring tape underneath for a quick measurement now and then. So far it has worked out perfectly and it brightens up the desk a bit.

 The baskets that were in my craft closet fit perfectly in the spaces under the shelves. Allen says he knew that, that's why he did it. ;)

We also attached the power strip to the top of the desk so that there weren't a bunch of cords hanging around on the ground (one thing I can't stand!). And he made me a cord keeper to put all the cords in that hangs from the top of the desk.

Now the only thing missing are 3 little chairs for the little people who always want to help with whatever I am making!
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  1. Kendra, this is sooooo cute!! I love this for you! How thoughtful of Allen to make this for you, and it sounds like you guys had fun putting the finishing touches on the "space" together. Awesomeness!

  2. What are the dimensions of your desk? It looks great!


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