Monday, December 19, 2011

Ice Cream Party

When pondering what kind of party to have for Beckett, it was pretty simple. One of his favorite places in the world is Spoons (a frozen yogurt place in town) and he pretty much talks about it everyday, so our thought was to re-create Spoons for his party!

My mom had given me her ice cream maker to use and since Beckett usually opts for some sort of Cake Batter/Birthday Cake ice cream, I made this one, which turned out oh-so-yummy.

We came up with lots of different toppings to enjoy such as: crushed oreos, snickers, andes mints, cookie dough, marshmallows, coconut, granola, m&ms, nerds, gummy bears, red hots, strawberries, blackberries, and bananas. Plus many syrups, whipping cream, icing and sprinkles to put on top. Our little boy's paradise!

After we filled our tummies with pizza and ice cream goodness, we let the kids play some games. We put together some fun themed games, such as:

1. Pin the cherry on top of the ice cream 
Spin the kiddos around with a bandana covering their eyes and then once you get them confused enough, get them going in the right direction and let them place the cherry on the paper. Whoever gets closest to the top and center wins! 

2. Ice cream bean bag toss 
Each scoop of ice cream had a different point value, with cherry having the most value. Person with the highest score wins! 

I also used some ice cream coloring and learning sheets that I found here

Beckett loved opening his gifts. 

His favorite gift was made especially for him by his sweet daddy. A new sand table to play at. I knew they would love to play in sand but didn't particularly want a "box" for them to sit in so Allen made this one. It's perfect for them and the boys adore it.

Such a fun day celebrating our big boy.   

Thanks to Aunt B for taking all the pictures and to Mom for all your help! post signature

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