Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Beckett!

My sweet Beckett is 4 years old today! What a blessing he is to our family. The Lord really knew what He was doing giving me a brunette in between these red heads! (Ha! Kidding...sort of) :)

Beckett has always been a mama's boy, but this year I would say that it has changed.

Sadly. Oh so sadly.

Beckett and I have a special relationship but I see him clinging more to Allen like he used to cling to me. I am glad that he and Allen are having some sweet guy times together and bonding well. It is wonderful to behold that relationship taking shape like I know it will even more so in the future. I am so enjoying watching our family grow up and grow together.

Some things that I want to remember about Beckett's 4th year:

- He pretty much wore his Buzz Light Year costume every day this year. It is in tatters.

- He has grown into such a good big brother to Easton. Helping him, sharing with him and playing with him. Good buddies. Mostly.

-He really blossomed in his coloring abilities this year. He draws people, trains, rainbows, houses, and all sorts of other things that need interpretation, but I really am proud of him (and no, I don't feel bad about that pride ;)

-He's such a strong swimmer! So pleased with his progress this summer.

-This kid LOVES to paint.

-His favorite places in the world are Spoons and Nanny and Papa's Lakehouse

-Cars and Toy Story are movies that never get old to him

- He has such a great imagination. Without prompting he takes bites out of his sandwich and makes them into cars or people or objects and then proceeds to make a plot out of that, his fruit and his pretzels interacting in some way.

- He is doing so great in school. He gets bored and goes and plays many times, but when he is doing school, he blows through his handwriting and reading like a pro. Just sitting with us in school (or being nearby) has made a great difference in his abilities.

-He is still the most lovable kid I have ever known. The more I am around him, the more I love him. Such a special kid.

post signature Happy 4th Birthday! It has been a wonderful year with you, my sweet one. Looking forward to this next year and soaking it all in. I love you!

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