Monday, November 21, 2011


Taylor Joyisms:

My throat hurts bad...badder than earlier. I have a guess: last time when Beckett was sick (months before), I think I touched his hand and it made my throat hurt.

One day I was telling her the story of creation and mentioned that when a man and woman leave their own families, they join together in marriage and instead of being two people, God sees them as one. Taylor Joy said,
"oh yeah, it's because they get close to each other and they have to stand next to each other." (she also mentioned a certain couple in our church who couldn't stop kissing each other during their wedding...cough, cough).

While doing our volcano experiment, she said, "Hurry Beckett! The volcano's going to interrupt!" (erupt...sweet girl. Please stay 5).

Beckett -isms:

At school one day, Taylor Joy shifted in her chair and passed some gas. She very politely said, "oh, excuse me!" Beckett responded with this:

"Sissy, just stop tooting and focus!"

Easton - isms:

I go a moon! (running toward the moon). Mommy come a moon wif me?

Wabas comin' out da ball-cano! (lava is coming out of the volcano - while doing an experiment with the kids)

An interaction between me and Easton during family worship:
M- Easton, only God can change your heart.
E- No! Only God change my diaper!

Easton and I were eating lunch in the treehouse one day when we saw a squirrel. Easton shrieked and the squirrel looked around. Easton said, "I scare a squirrel!" Although, apparently the squirrel liked it, he ended up coming right over to us (like within a foot). When he left, Easton said, "you save me, Mommy?

While riding on Daddy (all 3 on his back), he grabs fist-fulls of Allen's hair and yells, "I got you hair!"

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  1. Brittney10:58 AM

    The Dutyisms are the highlight of my week. Your kids are hilarious:)

  2. *Slightly embarrassing*
    If the reference is regarding us Gardenhires, I am glad the Lord used our wedding kiss to be an example of marital unity for Taylor Joy!

  3. Yes, Jessie, she outed you! I am glad that she saw that in the context of marriage! Love you guys!


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