Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Apple of My Eye {Mother/Daughter Event}

What a sweet blessing this was to be a part of and to see mothers pouring into their relationships with their daughters!  Several moms got together and planned this adorable event, appropriately named, 
Apple of My Eye. 

We asked moms to take their daughters out to eat on a "mommy date" and then bring them to the church to do fun activities together and to enjoy each others' company. We put everything together so all they had to do was show up to enjoy quality time with their little princess (or princesses).

 We started off with prayer and then explaining what the night would entail...a main part of the night being that they would get to make an Apple Brown Betty with their moms! So what better way for them to get an idea of what they are making than to eat some? With ice cream on top, of course!

Then we gave them a demonstration on how to peel, core and chop the apples
and let the girls go to work on their apples.

Then we went to assembling the betties with layers of bread crumbs, apples, 
brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. Mmmm...can't go wrong there!

 There might have been some taste testers...

The mothers and daughters laughed, smiled and maybe even cried watching the video that we put together. Having videoed them earlier in the week, they were able to hear each others' responses about how God made them special. And after that,  a fun devotional about how we are the apple of God's eye, the finale of His creation and how we can live in light of that. The moms were able to discuss at their tables and pray over their girls. To seal the night with perfection, we had a beautiful song that was sung over us (Beloved, By the Tree).

We gave the girls these sweet apple patches, in hopes that we can give the girls a patch for each Mother/Daughter event that we have and give them a special embroidered bag or apron to sew them onto so they can remember the sweet times and the special skills that they learned.

Some fun questions we asked each other: 

1.   What is your favorite outfit your Mom wears? What is your favorite way she fixes her hair?

2.   Would you rather see your Mom dance, hear her sing, or look at something she crafted/ drew/ or painted? Give an example.

3. What is your favorite “girl time” thing you do with your Mom? 

4.   If you could go on a trip with your Mom ANYWHERE you wanted, where would you go and what would you do?


1.   Use your best adjectives to describe the things you love about your daughter’s personality.

2.   If you could go on a trip with your daughter ANYWHERE you wanted, where would you go, and what would you do?

3.   What is one of your sweetest, first memories of your daughter?

4.   What unique and wonderful things do you see in how God has created your daughter? What gifts have you noticed that God has given her?

Special thanks goes to:

Sarah Ezell for the wonderful pictures.
Sarah Saunders, Taylor Walling, Kelsey Roberts and Beth Cloutier for setting everything up for us and cleaning up our mess. What servants they were to us!
Lindsay Bickham and her amazing, God-given voice that she used to sing God's truth over us.
Lynsey Kramer, Kirby Apel, Jenn Bacak and Ashley Kinnard for their help in the planning and in making it actually happen. 
Thank you, all of you! 
What a special night that will always be remembered!

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  1. Thank you (AGAIN!) for putting all this together...I'll be linking to this soon! Thanks for all your hard work and your vision for this!


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