Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Turning 30

{picture courtesy worshipmatters.com}

I am turning 30 tomorrow and I'm totally okay with it. As I look back on the past 10 years, it seems that I have managed to cover lots of ground: spiritually, emotionally, actually...I am hopeful that the thirties will be just as full and even more overflowing than my twenties have been.

I am even hopeful for more - more stretching, more growth, more opportunities to pour into the people I love, like my sweet husband, my beautiful children and the women God has placed in my life. Thinking about the past ten years and then fast forwarding to think about the next ten years makes me well up with hope and thanksgiving for this blessed life that I have. It makes me so grateful for the grace I have been shown.

Even in the trials that were scattered about the last ten years {mostly the last 3 years} I still have so many reasons to rejoice. God has always been faithful to me and I have no doubt that the next decade He will continue to be faithful, whether through great joys, surprises or trials, may He always give me grace to see His hand and praise His great name, even when things don't make sense. May He continue to captivate me with His love in the decade to come.
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