Monday, October 10, 2011


Taylor Joy:

T- "Mommy, you are the specialist mommy ever."
B- "Yeah! You are a special mommy too." (trying to say that he thought so too. So cute and completely melted my heart. We are finally at a stage where things in our relationship are reciprocated. Thankful, oh so thankful for that!)
T- "Dad, the United States looks like an elephant, and the northeast looks like his trunk."
Allen: "That's a very good imagination, Sweetie."
T- "You mean 'observation,' Dad."
 Some of Taylor Joy's stories that she has written:
Wun culd day Paradis Ilind wint to pla she wunid too play the end (One cold day, Paradise Island--a little pony--- went to play. She wanted to play. The end.)
Dora wunid too play and hr daddy sed no. (Dora wanted to play and her daddy said no.)
Wun day Sindrrelu wunid too go awtsid and hr daddy sed yes but the men stepmuthr was rawt thar the ind. (One day Cinderella wanted to go outside and her daddy said yes, but the mean stepmother was right there. The end.)


"My poop made me full!" (Mommy translation: referring to the fact that he was full, therefore needing to go to the potty, therefore being done with dinner. A roundabout way of saying that! And of course he yelled it from the bathroom when company was over!)

T- "Look! My teeth are shiny like gold!"
B- "Yeah! Kinda wike a dime!"

M- "Did Easton push you?"
B- "No. He just, wike, attacked me."

"Watermewon is so good for you. It won't make you die I don't think. "

"Sissy, wet me wisten to your heart beep." (while playing doctor together)


"Watch Baby no one!" (Mommy translation: Watch Baby Noah, a Baby Einstein movie)

E - "Mommy, pease have gogurt!" 
M- "Oh, you want yogurt?"
E- "OKAY!" (like it was my suggestion, he does this with all things)

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  1. Aunt B4:23 PM

    I laughed out loud when I read "No. He just, wike, attacked me.". That is so hilarious and I can just hear the emotion and drama behind that statement:) Love them!


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