Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Loving the Little Years

Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches

Coming from someone who is "in the trenches of motherhood" with me, I think I swallowed this book whole. A simple, short and easy read, I can't recommend it enough for mothers of little ones. I laughed at the many examples that hit so close to home, I cried at the many attitudes of my heart and truths that were revealed about my precious children and I was greatly encouraged in my calling as a mother.

The book is short and each chapter is very short. Just the right length for a busy mom to glance at once per day. If you had a decent amount of time, you could take two or three long nap times to blow through it.

Some of the encouragements she gives are: seeing the progress our children are making (which hit home because it's definitely what the Lord has already been teaching me), allowing for change on days that it "just isn't working," what bearing fruit looks like in a mother's life, thankfulness and contentment, explaining hard lessons to your children, the many sacrifices and blessings, asking for grace and being willing to get grace in otherwise overwhelming situations, sanctification, absorbing the cost of their sin, restoring fellowship with them and they with each other, as well as the harvest of joy we receive as a result of all the work of planting in their lives.

Between this book and a homeschool conference that Allen and I just got back from, I am a pretty motivated mom! I am excited for the investment we are making in doing school with Taylor Joy and Beckett and motivated to continue on shepherding all three of them. I hope that this book comes as an encouragement to you as well. If I have time I may post some good info we got at the conference as well as our curriculum choices for next year.

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