Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not a Preschooler Anymore

She's officially 5 today.

This seems like a big deal. A huge deal. 
How did this happen? And more importantly, how can I make it stop?

I am currently reading, "Keeping the Little in Your Girl" by Dannah Gresh, creator of Secret Keeper Girl, which I fully intend to utilize the resources from. I do want to keep her little. I do want to be who she looks to as an example. I do want to be the one who answers the "why" questions. I want to take the time. I want live out the values that she will take on. I want to give her confidence in how God made her. I want to play princesses, tea party and pretend games for as long as she will let me.


I praise the Lord for you, Taylor Joy. That He created you from the inside out. That God knit you together inside of me just as He wanted to. That you are perfectly made by God's own hands. I so badly desire to live in a way that instills a love of life, a love of learning and a love of God within you. You should know by now that I need help to be able to do that. I need so much grace. 


I can't imagine a better "helper" than you. I don't think I would have survived welcoming our third baby into our home if it hadn't been for you. You delight to grab diapers, to help the boys put on shoes, to buckle them into their carseats, to grab a towel for me when there is a giant spill...The Lord created you with a gift to help. Someday a man will be greatly blessed by that amazing gift. Our whole family has been a recipient of that grace within you.


You also delight in such little things and become so enthusiastic over the simple things in this life. I rejoice that your joyfulness always spills out onto others as you lead the way in playing games, including others, and beginning a new adventure with friends. Joyfulness follows you wherever you go. You are so caring and thoughtful when it comes to your close friends: making notes, giving gifts, making them feel so special. Your friendship is a gift.


The soil of your heart that Daddy and I have been working on for 5 years is ready. We have been fertilizing it, cultivating it and making it ready for the seeds of the Gospel to plant in your life. Some of those seeds are beginning to take root and we see that God is giving you faith...slowly, but surely. God doesn't start something that He doesn't intend to finish. We have great hopes for what God is going to do within your heart. That's a gift from God that I am unable to put into words or put a value on. It's what we have longed for from the moment we found out about you and even before.


I pray this blessing over you Taylor Joy: 
May you boast in the Lord
In His wisdom, in His might, in the riches of His grace. 
May you boast in the grace of knowing the Lord. 
May you be blessed as a tree planted by streams of water.
Not fearing the heat
Not anxious in year of drought
Always bearing fruit
May you be blessed as you trust in the Lord
May you seek God and find Him
For He hears the prayers of His people
May you call upon God and seek Him with all your heart
For He will be found by those who belong to Him.
(taken from Jer. 17 - from a Father's Guide to Blessing Your Children)

Will you join me in praying this over sweet Taylor Joy today? 


Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Taylor Joy!!!

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  1. I cannot believe Taylor is 5 either. She is beautiful. I love to hear all of the stories that Aunt B tells me. She sounds like an amazing kid. Happy birthday Taylor Joy!

  2. Happy Birthday Taylor!!!!!


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