Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jessie the Cowgirl Party

Taylor Joy's all-time favorite character is Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story 2 and 3. She was Jessie for Halloween and she puts on her costume almost everyday when they play dress up. So, naturally, when talk about her 5th birthday came up, Jessie was the subject of that conversation. 

We compromised and made it a Jessie the Cowgirl Party, so as to steer away from an all-out commercial party.

Taylor Joy and sweet Brooklyn

The cowboys and cowgirls

And cowmama with her kiddos...

That's a face of guilt...I know this one all too well...

The craft table...making Bullseye nametags and cowgirl bracelets

Gotta slip in one of this cutie. He wears Taylor's cowgirl hat all around the house just about all day everyday, and yet, would not have any of the cowboy hats that were offered to him this particular day. That's just one of the reasons why he becomes a sermon illustration for Allen so often!

First game: Snake in My Boot
Object of the game: See who can throw the snake into the "boot" from the farthest away

2nd Game: Water the Horses
Object of the Game: In teams of two, dip sponge in first bucket of water and quickly squeeze it out in the second bucket of water. After a specified amount of time (ours was very arbitrary), we check and see which team has more water.

Last game: Pin the Tail on Bullseye
Object of the game: With a bandana over your eyes, get the closest to the space where Bullseye's tail should actually be.

Proud winners!

Yummy food!

Lovely party-goers enjoying watching the games

Quality time with Easton

Ready for the homemade pinata! (in case you can't tell!)

Easton got in a GREAT hit! Excitement all around!

Even some adults were scattering to get the goods

That 5-year-old and her cake

Presents for the princess (that seemed to be the theme of her presents...)

A Sleeping Beauty dress! She has been asking for it and I am thrilled she got it! There is something about getting gifts that promote an activity like pretending, imagination and creativity that make me excited as a parent. I am excited about playing "princesses" with her. 

Oh, and a dress for her baby Emmy, of course! She loves it! I love to see her so excited...

A wonderful day for celebrating my precious girl who was seemingly 3 just yesterday, yet acts like she's 15 everyday. I pray the Lord will give us grace to celebrate and soak in this girl everyday instead of just birthdays.

(Special thanks to Brittney for taking all the pictures and helping with games, Sue for making the delicious food and hosting us, and Mom for bringing the cake and supplies. Made for an easy job for me!)
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  1. seriously so cute...but where is allen's costume?

  2. I guess he didn't get the memo on that one...

  3. What a great party!! And I loved that you called yourself cowmama!


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