Wednesday, March 09, 2011

God Gave Us So Much

God Gave Us So Much: A Limited-Edition Three-Book Treasury

I love these cutie pie polar bears. There are several books in this series, and we have God Gave Us Christmas, as well as God Gave Us Heaven, which is contained in this 3-book treasury.

We have tried to make a habit of reading books to the kids before nap time and before bed time. It has almost become their signal and their primer for what is about to take place (laying quietly until they fall asleep in most cases). I try to pick what I would call, "sweet books" for our naptime books. This book would certainly qualify. Other qualifiers include: The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh, Big Truths for Little KidsJesus Storybook Bible, Big Picture Storybook Bible, or Dance Me Daddy.

The premise of this series is based on a polar bear family with little cubs, who ask very good questions about God, love, heaven, new babies, the world, etc. I love it because the kids are completely enveloped into the stories, wondering the answers to the good questions that the cubs ask. Mainly, I think, because they have asked and wonder the same things. Their sweet little minds roam here and there. I love being the one they inquire upon.

I also love that it is a great conversation spark. Taylor Joy, as you can imagine, takes the opportunity to ask you 30 more questions about heaven and Jesus after you are done reading the book to her. So, in that way, and for a curious 4-year-old, it is not comprehensive.

But I wouldn't want it to be. I love hearing the questions that that she derives and having a heart-to-heart with her. I think that's why I pick these sorts of books before I put her to sleep.

I would recommend this book and these series of books, mainly directed towards 3-6 year olds. A very good resource that doesn't hesitate to bring in Jesus and the Gospel.

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