Tuesday, March 15, 2011


These kids have been cracking me up. It's hard to put some of it into words, so I didn't even try on those. Easton is just so cute with his little words, too. I adore these littles.

Taylor Joyisms:

A conversation between Beckett and Taylor Joy:

B: We just can't have another piece of candy because then we will frow up.
T: No, we won't throw up, Buddy, we'll just get sick.
B: Yeah...and then we'll have to go to da hospital.
T: No, Buddy, we would go see the doctor and if the doctor couldn't fix us, then we would go to the hospital.

Another conversation between those two:

B: Mommy, I don't want you to die... (very somber tone)
T: Mommy is not going to die...she is going to LAST!
(have no idea how that topic of conversation came up!)

T: Mom, do lions eat dandelions? I thought maybe since it ends with 'lion'.


M: Beckett, why are you lying?
B: Because I have a sinful heart
(not the answer I was expecting, but made reminding him of the Gospel very easy in that moment)

B: Watch out Easy Man! You're gonna get fired! (close to the fireplace)


Me: Ready?
E: Doe!

No, ma ma!

When he sees another baby crying, he calls out "Cai, Cai , Cai! " and runs over to hug the other baby. So cute! I think he has the gift of mercy!

And a slew of words that are stinkin' cute! I love hearing that cutie string together words.

(just a random picture of Bible reading time at our house!)

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