Friday, February 25, 2011

Streamlining Project

If you are just now tuning in, I am in process of a week of blog posts concerning this book, this review and now turning my attention to the project I chose to embark upon.

After thinking through the goals that I have, there are many. I decided on a smaller one that will impact my daily life greatly and one that will be beneficial for many years to come. It largely has to do with my menu planning, once a month cooking, grocery store preparations and freezer inventory. I am in process of streamlining all of these processes in my home.

So, this means:

- sorting through my recipe box and recipe books to find ones I actually use (the "tried and true" recipes). COMPLETE!

- typing up the recipes I love and getting to the task of revising the recipes that need revision for our family's tastes. COMPLETE!

- organizing recipes by type, name and formatting them in a book. COMPLETE!

- revising my current "tried and true" recipes checklist with necessary ingredients for grocery store planning. COMPLETE!

- going through these favorite recipes and adding a section of the book for once a month cooking ( I got this book for Christmas and have been using it for the past month, but decided that for our family's tastes and for the long-term, coming up with my own once-a-month meals may prove more helpful and satisfying in the long run). My friend, Chelsea, is my partner in making this happen.
     Grocery Checklist for each cycle (1-6)
     Freezer supplies for each cycle (1-6)
     Processes for each cycle (1-6)

-Getting the whole thing printed and bound

- making a Freezer Inventory checklist since there will be many meals stored in there, it will help me to plan for the weeks accordingly. This is the image that you see at the top...COMPLETE!

If you want to keep me accountable, ask me how I am doing with finishing this project!

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  1. What a great project!! Since you've gone through all the trouble of typing up your "tried and trues" will you share them with us? My favorite recipes are invariably the ones that are family favorites for others.

  2. Kenners - I am working on the SAME thing right now, but hadnt thought about incorporating the freezer aspect to it. Thanks for sharing :) I've never read the Me Project, but I have the Husband Project!


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