Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here's another round of Dutyisms. Enjoy!

Taylor Joyisms:

"Easy man just wanted up on the windshield, so I let him." (window sill)

"This heart (on her shirt)reminds me of my real heart inside of me. You'd have to crack me open to see it."

(after bumping into Beckett with a chair she was carrying) "Oh, I'm sorry, Buddy! You need to watch where I'm going."

(watching me make the bed) "Mommy! You are making the bed? I didn't know girls could make beds!" (this is very telling, I know. This is a much bigger deal to Allen than it is to me.)


"Be end." (at the end of a story)

A conversation between the kids went like this,
B: "Tay-wer, do you member? James and the big pear?"
t: (cracking up) "Buddy! It's James and the Giant Peach!" (which by the way, do NOT watch with little ones. Scary!)

Another convo,
T: (about Beckett, 1st two words slurred together) "And-he's drinking it!"
B: "NO! I'm NOT Andy! I'm Beckett!"

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