Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Beckett = 3!}

Sweet boy,

Another year has gone by. Year 3 with you has been my favorite. I loved your baby years, but this year...what a joy!

You are a delight to me. Precious smiles and giggles erupt when the tickle monster comes around. And yet you taunt with your grin and invitation for more, "You better not get me...,"you say. You even giggle as you say it.

You say things like, "I'm Beckett. My hair is bown." (brown) You feel the need to differentiate yourself when everyone else is talking about Taylor Joy and Easton's beautiful red hair. But then they look at you, see your big blue eyes and long eyelashes and say, "oh, he is precious! what a heartbreaker!" And they are right. You don't need the red hair for that. I love your bown hair.

I still sing your hymn to you at night (when it's not Daddy's turn) and sometimes you ask me not to sing it. Maybe you think you are too grown up for that. But I sing it anyway and then I hear you singing it quietly. That quiet humming melts my heart. I know you know all the words and that God has written them on your heart. I praise God all the more for how great He is. After all, He made you! He created you just how He wanted to and for that I am blown away by His goodness. "How Great Thou Art" will forever be my song to you and I pray that it's the song of your heart...

I am looking back with fondness on your 2's, a bit teary because of the sweetness of it, and looking forward with much to be hopeful for. I'm praying for the seeds that we are sowing in your life...for God to bring forth much fruit in you this year. Perhaps even granting you faith and repentance, new life in Jesus! We praise Him for the grace we have seen in you. So much!

Happy 3rd, Buddy!
{Every year gets better with you}

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  1. Aunt B3:55 PM

    This year has been so fun with Beckett. I've loved watching his little personality shine. Happy 3rd Birthday, Beckett!


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