Monday, November 29, 2010


Taylor Joyisms:

Prayed this dinner prayer about Beckett in regards to our guests, "that he won't yell at them and will have a good attitude"

After telling her that we were going to the Breakaway Ministry Fair, she said, "is that a place with rides for mommies and daddies?"

"I was just 3, I didn't know much about Bibles or anything"

"Whoa! I could really take this baby home! He's not fussy at all!" (about Weston Kinnard)

(about the Baby Einstein catapillar) "I don't like that catapillar. It's like a rude catapillar."

"Ow! That yogurt is making my neck hurt!"

"Mommy, you look as cute as a Christmas Tree!"

"Mommy's prayer wasn't very long so I didn't think it would work." (what she said when she had bad dreams after I prayed that she wouldn't)

Squigs (Squid) and Globsters (lobsters)


Holding 2 hammers, he muttered to himself, "oh no...mommy says, 'only I get 1 thing out at a time."

"Mommy, can you go do your own?" (said to me when I was trying to help him with a craft)

"Mommy, I gonna put a wittle water on you so you can be all nice." (after he saw Taylor Joy spray a squirt of body spray on me)

"My hands just fell off when I opened up the door" (after putting lotion on his hands and trying to open the door)

"Oh no. I accidentwy kiewwed (killed) Mommy on accident." (after shooting me with his gun and falling over)

"Dayee (Daddy), sprinkles are chips, wight?" (Pringles = sprinkles in Buddy World)

"But wook! I see daytime out my window!" (one morning after I told him it was too early to fix breakfast)


His words have exploded recently. He is now saying: "Dis" (this), "Dat" (that), "Shews" (shoes), "hah" (hot), "yessss", "da da", "ma ma", "sissy", "no no", "ah done" (all done) "deese" (these), "doze" (those), etc. I am so proud of his verbal explosion. For the longest time he spoke in squeals.
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